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Our purpose is to provide a healthy, happy, joyful, & prosperous spiritual environment, and to serve a vibrant and diverse spiritual community in the Heart of San Diego where individuals and families are uplifted and supported in a safe and friendly atmosphere. We are dedicated to teaching Practical Spirituality through principles that are positive and uplifting and support self-empowerment, positive life skills, and high self-esteem in our local and global community. Welcome Home


San Diego Center for Spiritual Living meets on Point Loma at 4413 Montalvo Street, San Diego, CA 92107. Near Nimitz Blvd. & W. Point Loma Blvd, at the end of I-8. (White 2-story house with American Flag on front porch) 

4413 Montalvo Street, Point Loma 92107

  4413 Montalvo St 

What We Believe

The Science of Mind and Spirit encompasses a philosophy, a faith, and a way of life. Ernest Holmes wrote, "There is a power for good in the Universe, and you can use it." He put forth a statement of his personal beliefs that Centers for Spiritual Living has adopted as the statement for what we, as an organization, espouse. Find out more about   What We Believe.

Professional Practitioners

Our Ministers and Practitioners are the Healing Heart of our church. We are here to support you through whatever you may be facing in your life, and rejoice with you as the expected changes occur! You can experience a One-Minute Miracle through prayer immediately after each Sunday service as our free gift to you. Find a Minister or Practitioner. Find out more about  Licensed Professional Practitioners.

Board of Directors

The business of San Diego Center for Spiritual Living is governed by an active, creative, and spiritually-based Board of Directors. To ensure the secular and ecclesiastic sides of running the church are congruent, our board members include laity and clergy.

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3960 W Point Loma Blvd, Suite H363
San Diego, CA 92110
(619) 491-3087